What to wear to class

At Midlands Dance Theatre Centre we encourage our students to wear specifically designed dance wear which helps all dancers feel equal and included whilst teaching the discipline of dance. It also assists the teachers in being able to see and correct technical aspects.

Please note that no watches or jewellery except for small earrings/studs to be worn.

Budding Ballerinas:

~ White, lilac or purple personalized leotards~ Matching skirts~ Pink Ballet Socks~ Canvas Pink Ballet shoes with elastics *(please do not buy from Mr Price Sport)~ Hair tied up.

Boy’s Ballet:

~ White T-shirts/vests~ Black Shorts~ White socks~ Black Ballet shoes with elastics.

Future Stars:

Girls:~ Red, orange or yellow personalized leotards~ Red, orange or yellow Hot Pants~ Hair neatly tied up.

Boys:~ MDTC personalized T-shirts~ Black shorts.

Junior Ballet:

Girls:~ Coloured Bra-top leotards (your choice except black & navy)~ Matching coloured, circular skirts~ Pink Ballet tights~ Canvas Ballet shoes with elastic *(please do not buy from Mr Price Sport)~ Hair in a neat bun.

Boys:~ White T-shirts/vests~ Black shorts/leggings~ White Socks~ Black Ballet Shoes with elastics.

Senior Ballet Girls:

~ Any coloured leotard including black or navy~ From L8, matching lace circular skirt~ Pink Ballet tights~ Canvas Ballet shoes with elastics.

Girls Jazz, Modern, MT, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Dance Fusion:

~ Leotards any colour or style/crop tops~ Leggings/Hot Pants~ Honey footless tights~ Hair in a neat ponytail.

Street Dance:

~ As above~ Sneakers can be worn.


~ As above~ Tap Shoes.

Boys Jazz, Modern, MT, Contemporary, Tap, Acrobatics, Dance Fusion, Street Dance:

~ T-shirts/vests~ Leggings/shorts.

Hair styles for classes

Ballet: A neat bun with a bun net the same colour as their hair available from Dressed for Dance, Dischem and most Chemists. Fringes and “wispy bits” to be clipped back, sprayed or gelled.

Jazz/Tap/Acrobatics/MT/Contemporary/Street: A neat ponytail or plait etc. so that the students are not distracted with loose hair.