1. Are parents allowed to watch classes?

Unfortunately we don’t have parents, family or friends watching our classes because it can be extremely distracting for the other dancers in the class. We want to get the best out of the dancers and need their attention to be focused on us. There are times during the year when we have watching/demo classes and we do shows etc for parents particularly to see the dancers progress.

2. What to wear for the first dance class?

  • Ballet
    • Girls: a swimming costume and short, loose skirt
    • Boys: T-shirt and shorts
  • Modern/ jazz etc
    • Girls: crop top/ swimming costume/ t-shirt and leggings
    • Boys: T-shirt and leggings/shorts

3. Do we have Covid protocols in place?

Yes we do. They will be sent to you via WhatsApp.

4. Do we teach on public holidays?

Not our usual clases but we may use the time for special rehearsals or private coaching.